About Kinkead

Kinkead Housing Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Jackson, Mississippi. The purpose of the foundation is to provide the best-quality affordable housing available to low-to-moderate income families and individuals; facilitate preservation-based development to revitalize communities; and work with local and state governments to spur quality economic development.

Founded following the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, Kinkead Housing Foundation (KHF) has continued its mission for close to two decades. KHF collaborates with partners to facilitate the rehabilitation of affordable housing and works to enhance the communities where this housing is located. KHF’s philosophy is simple – without strong and vibrant communities, there is no need to rehabilitate the housing. These components go hand-in-hand and one cannot exist without the other.

Given the housing issues that exist today in America — especially in the wake of some of the strongest economic headwinds and market conditions in our history — the need for affordable housing is greater than ever. We know that government alone cannot address the issues.

Affordable Housing. Historic Preservation. Economic Development.

“Housing is the essential element to achieving a viable life for individuals, for families, and for the neighborhoods in which they live. Our goal to provide clean, safe, affordable housing is the first step in reclaiming struggling neighborhoods and building stronger, more sustainable communities.”

Our Team

Hayes Dent



Kim Trent



Kim Cooper

Board Secretary


Kinkead Housing Foundation Board of Directors

Hayes Dent, Chairman – Founder of KHF, extensive public affairs business in both private and public sector over the last 35 years. Dent has been involved in affordable housing and community development throughout this period.

Nick Walters – As a former State Director for USDA Rural Development in Mississippi, Walters has played a huge role in in affordable housing in Mississippi over the last 20 years. Currently in the private sector working in grants administration and project development.

Judy Thompson – Thompson has a 40 year record of public service at the state and federal level. Her last post was constituent services for Senator Roger Wicker.

Bob Bailey – After a 26 year career in commercial banking, Bailey started and ran the development department at Reformed Theological Seminary and established a fundraising arm of the school.

Hayes Dent, III – Dent is in the property management and real estate business in Oxford, MS

Kim Cooper, Secretary – Cooper has extensive non-profit board experience through work in the PR and Public Affairs business in Austin, TX and served as board secretary for the Livestrong Foundation for a period.


Affordable housing is a critically important component for creating successful communities. We partner with for-profit developers to access financial incentives and provide attractive, affordable, and safe housing options across the country.
All Too Often Options are Limited: This is often a difficult talk, as housing that is considered “affordable” will often be removed from the market one of three ways.
• It is often purchased by developers who want to either ‘fix it up’ or convert it into condos pricing it out of the affordable range.
• It is often purchased and ultimately torn down, thus removing it from the affordable housing landscape forever.
• Perhaps the worst outcome is what happens if nothing is done at all — a complete deterioration of the property. Under this scenario, the property gets progressively worse, providing increasingly poor and often sad living conditions for those stuck in this housing with nowhere to turn, seeing no other option with their budget.
• Building stronger and more sustainable communities needs the help of vibrant commercial and economic opportunities. All too often, commercial developers work only in affluent areas and are hesitant to risk time and development capital into transitional neighborhoods or communities. We believe communities with no access to commercial development at all will continue to struggle. The two ultimately go hand-in-hand and must be addressed for these communities to flourish again.
• Vibrant communities rely on quality economic development in their downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts. We work with local governments and developers to structure strategies and projects that create jobs and strengthen the local tax base.
We know that government alone cannot address the issues. This is where Kinkead comes in with a workable, proven solution. We utilize a combination of government assistance from HUD, ARRA Funds, and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) to make more affordable housing
Rather than rely exclusively on government support to meet the ever-expanding needs of affordable housing in Mississippi, Kinkead reaches out to organizations, businesses and individuals to support our efforts through their donations and contributions. Their gifts not only allow us to both continue the management of existing properties and facilitate new growth, but also to acquire and protect new properties from being lost to developers or decay.


Kinkead Housing Foundation’s team brings more than a quarter century of experience in crafting preservation solutions by bringing together development professionals, government officials and non-profit preservation organizations to work cooperatively for the benefit of all involved. The result has been not only the preservation of historic places – it has also attracted millions of dollars in private and government investment. These investments prove historic preservation is a good investment for communities and real estate developers across the country.

Development Professionals
Most historic preservation projects are not possible without private sector investment. Kinkead can help developers in accessing financial incentives, investors and public support for projects.

Government Agencies
Preservation is a powerful tool in the revitalization of cities and towns across the country and maximizing its economic and community development value should be a top priority for government officials. Kinkead’s experience and insights can help your civic leaders.

Non-profit Preservation Organizations
Kinkead’s team has spent almost 25 years working with non-profit groups that work in historic preservation, community / economic development, and issue advocacy. We bring real world experience and insight into positioning preservation organizations for success through:
• Strategic planning to keep staff and volunteers on track
• Facilitation of board and staff planning retreats and meetings
• Facilitation of public meetings to increase support for organizations
• Fundraising planning and implementation strategies
• Capital campaign planning and implementation
• Marketing and public relation planning and implementation
• Assisting in the creation and management of historic real estate revolving funds to save historic places
• Creating organizational policies and procedures
• Creating and implementing effective advocacy strategies customized to an organizations mission and community