Economic Development

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Vibrant and successful communities require commercial development that meets resident needs.

Sustainable Development

Building stronger and more sustainable communities needs the help of vibrant commercial and economic opportunities. All too often, commercial developers work only in affluent areas and are hesitant to risk time and development capital in transitional neighborhoods or communities. We believe communities without access to commercial development will continue to struggle. The two ultimately go hand-in-hand and must be addressed for these communities to flourish again.

Kinkead Can Help

  • Facilitate public meetings to gather input and support for economic development initiatives
  • Work with agency and government staff to identify economic development strategies and incentives that encourage economic development projects
  • Serve as a consultant on projects that bring government, businesses and residents together to meet community needs for services and job creation
  • Connect governments with funders and investors across the country who are seeking development opportunities
  • Assist with creating Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) to identify partners for development and job-creation projects
  • Plan and implement successful conferences, workshops and meetings to educate the public and government officials on the strategies and financial incentives available for spurring economic development in low-to–moderate income communities

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