Preservation-Based Development

Kim Trent – CEO

Kim’s experience with for-profit preservation developers, investors, government officials and non-profit organizations helps clients navigate a smooth path to success.

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Historic Preservation is a critical tool for building successful and vibrant communities in the 21st century.

Kinkead Housing Foundation’s team brings more than a quarter century of experience in crafting preservation solutions by bringing together development professionals, government officials and non-profit preservation organizations to work cooperatively for the benefit of all involved. The result has been not only the preservation of historic places. It has also attracted millions of dollars in private and government investment that proves historic preservation is a good investment for communities and real estate developers across the county.

Historic Preservation Project Portfolio

Preservation-Based Development Services

Development Professionals

Most historic preservation projects are not possible without private sector investment. Kinkead can help developers in accessing financial incentives, investors and public support for projects by:

  • Completing Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit applications in conjunction with project architects and contractors
  • Completing State Rehabilitation Tax Credit applications in conjunction with project architects and contractors
  • Completing National Register nominations so projects qualify for federal, state and local government financial incentives
  • Historic real estate due diligence to assess project eligibility for historic tax credits and other financial incentives, as well as potential issues with HTC certification due to project design.
  • Connecting owners and developers with experts and investors around the country to insure their projects are successful and funded
  • Facilitating the donation of historic preservation easements to qualified non-profit organizations and assisting donors to access tax benefits for donations
  • Determining National Register eligibility for projects
  • Representing clients in any design review process required by local, state, and federal boards and agencies
  • Creating marketing and public relations strategies to maximize public support and media exposure for projects
  • Serving as the historic preservation consultant on all aspects of preservation projects

Government Agencies

Preservation is a powerful tool in the revitalization of cities and towns across the country and maximizing its economic and community development value should be a top priority for government officials. Kinkead’s experience and insights can help your civic leaders:

  • Facilitate public meetings to gather input and support for preservation initiatives
  • Work with agency staff to identify development tools and incentives to encourage community preservation projects
  • Serve as the historic preservation consultant on civic projects
  • Connect governments with funders and investors across the country who are seeking preservation development opportunities
  • Assist with creating Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) to identify partners for projects
  • Plan and implement successful conferences, workshops and meetings to educate the public and government officials on the benefits of historic preservation and the incentives available in the field

Non-Profit Preservation Organizations

Kinkead’s team has spent almost 25 years working with non-profit groups that work in historic preservation, community and economic development and issue advocacy. We bring real world experience and deep insights into positioning preservation organizations for success through:

  • Strategic planning to keep staff and volunteers on track
  • Facilitation of board and staff planning retreats and meetings
  • Facilitation of public meetings to increase support for organizations
  • Fundraising planning and implementation strategies
  • Capital campaign planning and implementation
  • Marketing and public relation planning and implementation
  • Assisting in the creation and management of historic real estate revolving funds to save historic places
  • Creating organizational policies and procedures
  • Creating and implementing effective advocacy strategies customized to an organization’s mission and community